We  Would Like to offer you an internship program for students. We have a pleasure of having many of you from Universities from all over the world as our interns.

The Girl With Matches project has been functioned for 16 years. Our main idea is to enlisting resources on charity purpose (helping children who live in poverty) through animation of selling Fairy Matches. This kind of activity occur in varied forms starting from simple occupation like children standing next to cash register  in supermarket, they are packing shopping and offering matches, ending on a bigger events like show, performance, organizing spring breaks and holiday vacation. It is a perfect opportunity to gain and improve experience in work with children from elementary schools and high schools.

Our internship program is destined mainly for students of: management, marketing, sociology, pedagogy, law, administration, physical education and those who are planning to work with children in future.

For our interns we offer:

  • Work in young and dynamic team
  • Experience in working in schools, with teachers and kids
  • Satisfaction
  • Joy of bringing help to those who need it
  • Acquire practical skills
  • Gain an experience
  • Improve knowledge
  • an opportunity to obtain camp guardian license

Intern’s responsibility will mainly include:

  • current office support
  • event organization and coordination
  • presentations in schools

Detailed programme of the training period and trainee tasks:

  1. Intern's responsibility will mainly include current office support and charity event organization and coordination. Events are based on selling matchboxes in shopping centres, happenings and other outdoor activities with help of teenagers volunteers.
  2. Conducting workshops with kids and adolescents.
  3. Participation in tours organised by our Foundation.
  4. Participation in and organising Foundations projects: animation of kids activities, theatre plays, happenings, and other activities organised in shopping centres and other places
  5. Meetings with students from abroad in order to promote our Foundation
  6. Conducting classes in English (or other mastered languages). The classes will be organised in domicile of Foundation, in schools of Łódź and other polish cities. We expect presentation of:
  • country of origin,
  • local legends and stories,
  • geographic matters of country of origin: where is it in Europe, what countries does it is adjoins to, what are the 'must see' places, what is the most beautiful – things like that,
  • country's economic
  • approximation of local food
  • the most interesting goings-on
  • local traditions and customs, including holidays, Christmas, festivals
  • regional costumes
  • history of country
  • famous people: who they are, what are they doing and why they are famous

You'll have a chance to:

  1. Gain knowledge in organisation of charity event
  2. Gain competences in conducting workshops, working with children and leading conversations
  3. Get to know Poland and our culture
  4. Gain competences in conducting and organising animation of free time for children. Gaining knowledge in working in Foundation and nongovernmental organisation
  5. Multicultural experience of diversity and identity
  6. Getting experience in teaching and conducting classes in variety of knowledge. There will be a lot of travelling through the whole Poland and meeting with groups of kids and adolescents.

Working hours: from 4 to 8 hours per day/ from 20 to 40 per week ( it depend on what kind of project we are working on). Foundation works Monday through Friday and events are organize in weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

For students, who’ll decide to come to us, we provide a free accommodation in domicile of The Little Match Girl Foundation. For your use there are sleeping rooms, bathrooms, showers, kitchens and day rooms. And free wi-fi. That’s always important! :-)

Animators working on charity events travel through whole Poland. For students who live out of Łódź and are interested in our internship program we offer training in domicile in Łódź, city tour, integration events and accommodation. By joining in our internship program you will help in realization of foundation’s main and statutory goals which is improvement leaving conditions of children in need.

How to join us?

Just contact us on Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. - send us your curriculum vitae (resume) and cover letter. You can join us any time: in winter, spring, summer or autumn, so remember to write when would you want to come to our Foundation! Any questions? Ask!