Local Government of Łódź under the rule of Hanna Zdanowska unjustly evicts to the street the Little Match Girl Foundation! The Foundation helps children for 20 years organizing free time activities, subsidizing their most current needs, organizing winter and summer vacations. Not taking any subsidies itself from the City or Government, only by selling the Fairy Matches,  the Foundation helped up to 2000 children in Poland a year!! At the same time it advertising Łódź. The City let some premises to Foundation, not telling us that it does not meet the standards, and that these are premises for residential not for other purposes. Additionally the premises are in a bad condition that endangers people's lives. Foundation, not being contious, payed several thousands zlotys to adopt rooms. For 3 years we invited children there. In 2010 the day-room and the hostel has been closed up by the City (we had to call out some excursions, our reputation has been damaged). Anyway we were still forced to pay a rent and... to rebuilt the premises! It was beyond the Foundations capabilities, because it lost its financial liquidity. Organizing the winter and summer vacations outside of the Foundations headquaters costs more. We were not able to pay a rent on a regular basis for the rooms we cannot use, and in which our possessions are. Now the City 'in accordance with the law' evicts us. Prosecutors Office in Łódź admited that we are the victims, but under pressure of the Local Government it dismissed the case. The Foundations loses are worth milions of zlotys.

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