About Foundation

We all know the story about the little girl who was selling matches in cold, winter night. It is one of the most beautiful but at the same time the most sad fairy-tales. We all know children who are as helpless and vulnerable as the little and brave character from this story. They live next to us, they sit with our children at school-desk.

The Little Match Girl Foundation from ten years takes up the challenge of creating happy chapters of childrens’ individual tales. Plots of this stories focuses on holidays, friendship and fun, but also on new manuals, notebooks, medicines and pair of shoes. Through our work, new lines of childrens’ fairy-tales are added continuously, creating the most important one - the one about human solidarity.

What we do?
The objective of all actions taken by the Foundation is to provide help and assistance to particularly vulnerable members of our society - pathology threatened and living in poverty children. We believe that every child have an inalienable right to dignified conditions of living and personal development.
Our all year round activities respond to specific needs of children and financial ability of the Foundation. They consist of:
- co-financing school meals
- providing children with school materials (manuals, stationery, books), clothes and toys.
- organizing trips, travels, summer and winter holidays
- organizing artistic workshops (dance, theatre, painting) in adapted to children needs common room situated in the head office of the Foundation
- didactic assistance (doing homework, giving classes of foreign languages)
- promoting voluntarism and idea of responsible citizenship among pupils and young people
- giving an opportunity for students and young people to gain their first work experience

Who we are?
Cooperation, commitment and trust are the Foundation’s fundamental values. Piotr Myśliwiec is the founder of the Foundation. We are based in Łódź, but the scope of our activities is national. The Foundation’s team consist of 50 employers . More that 10 000 volunteers donate their time and energy to support “The Little Match Girl” activity. We are pupils, students, university graduates, people on retirement - all united in the commitment to the Foundation’s objectives and values.

How do we raise funds?
Major part of Foundation’s funds derives from running an economic activity. Although donations and grants are significant source of financing we try to take things in our hands and to gain as much funds as we can by our own work, continuing the idea that raised 10 years ago.
Economic activity is based on selling the Fairy Matches during events organized in shopping centers, happenings and other out door activities. A simple matchbox from 10 years helps us to gain funds, to extend scope and areas of our actions, to reach more and more children that need help. The whole income from selling the Fairy Matches is devoted to achievement of the statute’s objectives.

Why it is worth to cooperate with us?
Every child is entitled to dignified living conditions, every child should be provided with adequate protection and given possibilities to stimulate its’ social and emotional development. Unfortunately real life leaves a lot to be desired. We cannot leave the case depending on public or private sectors’ institution hoping that they will deal with the problem. The non-profit institutions, such as our Foundation, take this issues in hand, acting faster and more effectively. However, to reach all the desired aims and to use in most efficient way Foundation’s potential, help and contribution of people of goodwill, people just like you, is needed.

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